Вторая Школа молодых ученых «Мониторинг природных и техногенных систем» 16-18 ноября 2020 г.

Выступление Manchao He

In order to study landslide behavior and seek landslide forecasting precursors, various techniques have been developed. An unconventional idea about forecasting geo-disasters such as the earthquakes and landslides was proposed based on the mechanics of double block system (DBS). The central point of the mechanics of DBS is the measurement of the forces acting on the surface that separating the two blocks of a geological body, the relation of which should obey the Newton’s laws (referred to as Newton’s forces). The Newton’s force monitoring system (NFMS), consisting of the in-situ measurement, remote sensing and indoor monitoring, was developed. The key instrument of the NFMS is the constant-resistance and large-deformation (CRLD) bolt/cable incorporated with a negative Poisson’s ratio (NPR) structure, referred to as CRLD or NPR bolt/cable because of its unconventional performance that make measurement of the Newton’s forces possible in the seismically active faults. Fundamentals of the mechanics of the DBS, experimental results on the NPR bolt/cable and its applications in forecasting the geo-disasters are presented.