Physics of Cancer: Interdisciplinary Problems and Clinical Applications

Transdisciplinary Conference “Physics of Cancer: Mechanobiology, Multiscale Data Analysis and Clinical Application”, March 22-25, 2016, Tomsk, Russia, is organized in the development of Trilateral Russia-Germany-France Workshop “Oncology: on the Frontiers of Molecular Genetics, Biophysics and Medicine, June 5-8, 2012, Perm, Russia”.

Main topics

  • Actual transdisciplinary problems of cancer diagnostics and treatment
  • Cell biology and cell mechanics and their impact on cancer progression
  • New technologies and theoretical models for cancer research
  • Mechano-genetics of the cell: application to embryonic and tumoral development
  • Multi-scale analysis and modeling of genomic, epigenetic and microscopy data, methodology and application to cancer
  • Application of molecular genetics technology and biophysics methods in target therapy and cancer risk estimation
  • Modern materials and diagnostic methods for cancer treatment
  • Cancer nanotechnology
  • Materials / implants for reconstructive oncology

Conference has the aim to gather researchers working in the fields of physics of cancer, biophysics and medicine to discuss the challenging approaches for the cancer risk estimation.