Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics of the Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Science (ICMM UB RAS)

Institute Statute

Main directions of scientific activity:

  • Mathematical and physical modeling of deformation, fracture and anomalous behavior processes of solids taking into account temperature–time effects, chemical and phase transitions and generation and evolution of defects.
  • Methods of numerical simulation in mechanics of solids and fluid mechanics.
  • Problems of hydrodynamic stability and turbulence: forced flows and convection, physical-chemical hydrodynamics of polymers, suspensions and magnetic fluids.

The Dissertation Defense Board was entitled to qualify dissertations for Dr. Sc. degree in the following fields:

  • 01.02.04 solid mechanics (physical-mathematical sciences)
  • 01.02.05 mechanics of fluid, gas and plasma (physical- mathematical sciences)

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